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Accomplished dental clinic with over 40 years of
experience. Up to date with the latest technologies.



At Franklin dental clinic, we have been striving for perfection along with our patient’s needs for over
40 years. Our highly skilled specialists in the dental field will work for your needs, hand in hand, to achieve your dental goals.

We understand the importance of dental health and how it affects your day-to-day life, your workplace and social interactions; this is the main reason why we take it to heart to put all of our effort and knowledge to give you that makeover.

Mexico City
Dental Reviews

Satisfied Patients Click on your future smile and see the story behind our patient's renewed,
beautiful teeth.


Dental Treatments in Mexico City

Providing premium dentistry services in Mexico City is our goal since 1980. We are committed to helping you achieve good oral health and a perfect smile at reasonable prices! Our specialists customize each procedure to your actual needs and conditions so that you enjoy the best aesthetic and functional outcomes possible.

Our warm, comfortable facilities include an in-house laboratory, brand-name equipment, and experienced staff. Get all your dental work done at Franklin Clinic, including both restorative and cosmetic treatments.


Mexico City

At Franklin Dental Clinic, we have been striving for perfection along with our patient's needs for over 40 years. Our highly skilled specialists in the dental field will work for your needs.


Clinic in Mexico

Nestled in the upscale Lomas de Chapultepec district, one of Mexico City’s most exclusive areas, Franklin Dental Clinic offers a comprehensive series of trusted, professional aesthetic and reconstructive services.

Franklin Dental Clinic puts at your reach, over 40 years of experience in dental treatments, the artful vibe in their facilities will relax you as you wait for your appointment and puts you in the mood for your new future smile.

With outstanding, experienced staff and warm artistically decorated facilities, at Franklin Clinic you can solve all your dental needs at reasonable prices without compromising quality!


Dental Experience

Check out one of our patients’ testimonial after getting her All on 4® dental implants in Mexico City.

As our main characteristic, we strive for quality improvement and patient safety according to the General Health Commission standards.


Why choose Franklin Dental Clinic?
Over 40 years of continuous experience are a solid endorsement for your dental needs.

We are committed to dental excellence, so we strive to exceed your every expectation. That includes an oral assessment free of charge.

From the moment you enter Franklin Clinic, you will be the center of our practice. That means that we will always make you feel welcomed.

As exclusive as our clinic is, located in one of Mexico City’s plushest districts, our prices seem rather average. Our prices always stay competitive.

State-of-the-art Dental Technology Mexico City

Getting your dental work done at our clinic in Mexico City comes with many advantages,
including warm cheerful attention
and inexpensive prices.

New Tom 3D CBCT

NewTom CBCT is an innovative 3D X-ray system that rotates around the patient to provide superior diagnostic images.

Carl Zeiss Microscope

This cutting edge dental microscope offers groundbreaking applications by making oral details and structures sharply visible.

Itero Intra Oral Scan

This intraoral produces fast, high-resolution images that streamline workflow and speed up restorative and aesthetic treatments.

Dental Facilities

Our facilities are your home away from home, topped with our specialized, first-class care. At Franklin Dental Clinic we have open and comfortable spaces, that impact the success and experience of our patients during their treatments.

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